Thursday, August 4, 2011

Audio Version of Gutshot

The audio version of GUTSHOT STRAIGHT was released this week on It's unabridged, nine hours long, read by an actor named Edoardo Ballerini. Which, yeah, has to be one of the greatest names ever.
I think they picked this guy because his name sounds like the name of a character who would be in my book. And he LOOKS like a character who would be in my book. Anyway. I was kind of wary when I started listening. I hate to hear myself read my stuff aloud, but I wondered if I'd hate to hear somebody else read my stuff even more. Because, as any writer will tell you, it's the voices in your head that make you a writer. Anyway. I've only listened to the first chapter so far, but it's blowing me away. So far the guy reading it seems just about perfect to me. The perfect kind of laidback but hardboiled tone. And the dude gets the sentences exactly right! He knows exactly where to stop, and how long to stop, and what words to hit, and what words to ease off on! It's amazing. Maybe it will all go to hell later (I'm wondering how he's gonna handle the female characters), but so far it's a great experience. Check it out, let me know if like it.

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