Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whiplash River Pub Date

The publication date for WHIPLASH RIVER, the follow-up novel to GUTSHOT STRAIGHT, has been officially locked: July 10, 2012, from William Morrow.

I’ll provide more information down the line, but for a quick impressionistic preview here’s a selection of words and terms from the official proofreading sheet that came with the copy-edited manuscript:

Baby Jesus, Ambergris Caye, AR-15, Louboutin,
dama blanca, dumb-ass, “Please, Please, Please” (James Brown), St. Francis Cabrini, Inshallah, Baird’s tapir.


Andrew said...

After that delish first we have to wait a year and a half? Lou - do a Stephen King! Every morning sit down and write 100 pages. Maybe THAT will satisfy us who crave good writing with our thrillers. I know *I* am going through withdrawal symptoms. Keep them coming, man. You started a terrific groove.

Lou Berney said...

Andrew, thanks for the concrete workflow advice. A hundred pages every morning – I'm on it!